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We specialise in the supply of glasswashers to the UK catering market, with over 25 years experience in sales, repairs and spare parts to all makes of European glasswashers
Glasswashers are an important tool for hotels, restaurants, cafe's, pubs, night clubs, snooker clubs, nursing homes and bed & breakfasts. We only sell glasswashers which are reliable, professional and fit for purpose
Our high volume of sales in the commercial glasswasher market allows us to offer substantial savings to you on the leading brands of commercial glasswashers
We offer a complete service using a network of glasswasher engineers across the UK to provide a repair, maintenance and installation service
Our staff are friendly, helpful and experienced and available to answer any questions you may have about commercial glasswashers. Our engineers are usually on hand to help with more technical queries
We have access to a wide range of  commercial glasswashers allowing us to choose the right machine for your set up

12-16 Pint Glasswashers

18 Pint Glasswashers

30 Pint Glasswashers

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Best Selling Glasswashers


 Spare Parts for Glasswashers:


classeq glasswashers


The Classeq Eco 1 glasswasher washes 12 pint glasses per 2 minute wash cycle and has low water water consumption and a high wash chamber for tall glasses. All for just £735

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The Sherwood Micro glasswasher can hold an amazing 16 pint glasses per 2 minute wash cycle. It's clever compact design and dimensions make it ideal for installations where space is very limited. Its even double skinned.  Only £639

hobart glasswashers

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The Hobart CLG25 is a compact high performance glasswasher with all the quality of a well known big brand. It can hold 16 pint glasses and a complete wash cycle takes 2.5 minutes


classeq glasswashers


The Classeq Duo 2 glasswasher has a 2 year parts & labour warranty. This glasswasher can wash 18 pint glasses per 2 minute cycle, it has a rinse boost pump and its double skinned for better heat retention and quieter operation

Special Price £1099

glass washers

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The new Teikos glasswasher is proving very popular & reliable. The TS601 glasswasher has 500mm baskets, holds 30 pint glasses and has an adjustable wash cycle. From Just £969

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Classic Comenda
Clenaware Meiko
Dexion Sammic
Jemi Sherwood
DIHR Maidaid Halcyon
Omniwash Sowebo
Hilta Ata
Kromo Husky
Fagor Project
Classeq Aristarco
Whirlpool Toucan
Alder Diamond
Hobart Ecomax
Clenaware Univerbar
Newscan Chef King
Chef Equip ChefQuip









12 - 16 Pint Glasswashers

prodis glasswasher

newscan glasswashers

teikos glasswashers

Prodis E35 Newscan DP10 Teikos TS820
Commercial Glasswasher Commercial Glasswasher Glasswashers
12 Pint 12 Pint 16 Pint
Gravity Waste Gravity Waste - £

elframo glass washers

classeq glass washers

silanos glasswasehrs
Elframo BE35P

Classeq Eco 1

Silanos DC035
12 Pint Glasswasher

12 Pint Glasswashers

12 Pint Glasswasher
Pumped Waste

From £735



18 Pint Glasswashers

prodis commercial glasswashers

glass washing machines

glass washing machine

Prodis E40 Newscan DSP20 Silanos DC040
Commercial Glasswasher Commercial Glasswasher Commercial Glasswasher
Gravity Waste Gravity Waste

Pumped Waste

Pumped Waste


bar glasswashers

classeq eco 2 glasswashers

teikos glasswashing machines

Elframo BE40P

Classeq Eco 2

Teikos TS830

18 Pint Glasswasher

18 Pint Glasswasher

18 Pint Glasswasher



Gravity Waste - £

Pumped Waste  

Pumped Waste - £



25 - 30 Pint Glasswashers

30 pint glasswashers

25 pint glasswasher

30 pint glasswashers

Prodis E50

Newscan DSP40

Silanos DC040
Commercial Glasswasher Commercial Glasswasher Commercial Glasswasher
Gravity Waste Gravity Waste Gravity Waste
  Pumped Waste Pumped Waste

25 pint glasswashers

classeq glasswashers

teikos glass washers

Elframo BE50P Classeq Eco 3 Teikos TS601
Glasswasher Glasswasher 30 Pint Glasswasher
Pumped Waste   Gravity Waste
    Pumped Waste


Phone: 0843 2896914


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